Care Management Packages

At Step Ahead Senior Care our mission is to serve as a guide and advocate for older adults and their families in order to maximize independence and improve the quality of life of the older adult while reducing stress on families. We understand that health, wellness, and life goals change across our life span. By building a partnership, we will be able to set new goals together that reflect you – your current needs, past and present interests, and your future goals. With this awareness we offer four care management package. Each one can be tailored to reflect your unique needs. Take a moment to look through the packages and contact Step Ahead Senior Care if you feel any of these packages may meet your needs:

Safe Landings

Have you or a loved one been hospitalized? If so, the risk of re-hospitalization is quite high. The Safe Landings program can help prevent re-hospitalization and promote the healing process. Our care managers can visit on a short term basis to help ensure your loved one understands and follows the doctor’s recommendations to manage health conditions. The care manager can assist in managing any changes in medications, ensuring your loved one has the correct prescriptions and is following the correct medication schedule. The care manager will monitor for signs of healing as well as symptoms of potential problems and will intervene before these symptoms become a crisis. The care manager can also address lifestyle changes, help create a safe home environment and will ensure your loved one has a follow up appointment with the doctor and attends the appointment within one week of hospital discharge to ensure his/her health is improving. These are all ways we can help your loved on a short term basis to manage his or her medical condition(s) effectively and get back to his/her baseline of health as soon as possible.

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Aging Well

Aging Well is a service for adults that need someone to be there for emergencies and occasional assistance. This is a perfect package for older adults living alone and for those whose children live out of town. Having a care manager just a phone call away can be a great source of comfort!  In order to start services a comprehensive assessment is completed to allow the care manager to get a sense of the older adult’s strengths and challenges, health care needs, resources and more. A Care plan is completed then the care manager is on call as needed with occasional check-ins. This care manager – client relationship is long term with check-ins planned according to the client’s needs and wishes. This provides a great sense of relief for families and older adults to know the care manager is available 24/7 as needed.

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Vacation Coverage

If adult kids are leaving town, a care manager can be that “go to” person for your loved one who needs someone in town and on call for emergencies while you travel. This is the Vacation Package. It is short term and on an as needed basis. Everyone needs a break now and then, especially family caregivers!  The Vacation Package can provide that peace of mind you need when you finally take the time to take care of yourself. The care manager will meet with you and your loved one prior to the vacation to complete an assessment,  identify the needs of your loved one, and set up a visit and on call schedule that will meet you and your loved one’s needs while  you are out of town.  This can be for one day or as many days as you will be away.  Please know that we value your need to take care of yourself and promise to be there for your family member while you relax and recharge your batteries!

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Home Support Assessment

Are you in need of some extra advice right now? The Home Support Assessment package involves two home visits and is perfect for people who need advice and short term support in assisting their loved one. The focus is to learn the challenges that you and your loved one are having and to help you find a way to resolve them. This can range from how to make the home a safer place, to how to manage health conditions, and much more. Nothing is off limits! The focus is on your needs. The care manager will define these needs by completing a comprehensive assessment and developing a care plan to set goals that will address your needs. A care conference will then be held and the plan will be reviewed. You can then put the plan into action to achieve established goals. This package is short term and offers support just when you need it. Please note that the care manager will be available for you as needed if in the future more assistance is required.

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